The Spanesi Body Shop Concept

April 13, 2018 by Canada Car Color

We are happy to announce that we recently signed a distribution deal with Spanesi Americas, making us the exclusive distributor for Western Canada. Spanesi Americas is a company created with the same passion and expertise Spanesi SpA has become known for globally since 1989. Spanesi Americas’ mission is to bring new products and technologies to body shops in the Americas to enable technicians to perform repairs to a high standard of excellence.


Spanesi SpA is the leading international producer of automotive repair equipment and manufacturer of effective body shop solutions. Spanesi’s product lines include: Straightening Benches. Multi Benches, Touch Electronic Systems, Vacuum Systems, Welding Machines, Infrared Lamps, Lifts, Painting Tools, Spray Booth Equipment, and Manual, Pneumatic, Electric, and Hydraulic Tools.


TOUCH Electronic Measuring System

Damage Analysis

● Fast and easy setup.
● Measure with any lift, bench, frame rack or with the vehicle on the ground.
● Simple and intuitive software.
● Damage analysis documentation that is simple to understand.
● Under-body, upper-body and body-side opening measurements.
● Ability to add user specified measurement points to the software database. Vehicle repairs
● Vehicle repairs can be completed on any straightening bench.
● Measuring options include loaded and unloaded suspension measure
● Real-time measurements during each pull.
● Documentation for before and after repairs.

14500A Welding machine

All types of steels

● The 14500A welder is capable of welding all types of steel, including high strength steels and advanced high strength steels. Inverter
● The inverter ensures excellent penetration into the substrates.

Automatic thickness recognition

● Fully automatic with material recognition using the SMART Auto Set feature.
● Manual adjustments are also available to allow the operator to adjust the welding parameters.


MULTI-BENCH Auto Body Frame Machine

With our range of benches, you will be able to repair all makes of vehicles, old and new; quickly and safely. For all kinds of damage, we have one solution, and one product that has been meticulously researched and developed. Moreover in the process of repair, the customer is guaranteed to receive his vehicle back in accordance with the manufacturer specifications.



Michelangelo spray booth, thanks to its new front portal with “glassed windows”, joins high performances to state of the art design.

Thank to all the technologies employed, this paint booth is justly placed on the top of its category.

Its main features are the followings:

● Direct flame burner
● Pressure automatic control by inverter devices
● Customizable according all possible customer requests
● Top and bottom lights
● 34000 m3/h airflow capacity
● Electronic control panel with display



For more details about Spanesi, contact us today at 1-855-902-6567 to find out more about the most innovative body shop equipment with highly performing and customizable products. Find out more information about the Spanesi Products on .

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