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March 5, 2019 by canadacarcolor

LeanTec looks like a normal cabinet, but it’s powered by a web-based inventory management system with a locked handle connected to WiFi. Products are put into the cabinet, scanned into the system and given attributes. Once scanned in, stocking levels are set for each product to indicate how low it can get before needing reordered. Lastly, LeanTec generates refill orders for products on a day set by the shop.


LeanTec’s vision is clear: Through technology, develop tools for the automotive aftermarket that maximize material profits. To accomplish this goal, LeanTec designed Inventory Cabinets and developed an enterprise-class software platform called Prophet-C. While operating in the cloud, Prophet-C powers LeanTec’s intelligent storage solutions. Real-Time communication between your cabinets and Prophet-C will provide unprecedented insights on how to manage your inventory assets.

Increased Profitability & Efficiency

No more wondering what happened to your material profits. Always have what you need, when you need it. Never too much, never too little. Automate the replenishment process and always know your material profits in real-time.

Inventory Security

After studying inventory management best practices, it was clear that the only way to enjoy sustainable results was to secure the inventory. Security is critical because it’s the ONLY way to protect your investment and to ensure that everything is properly documented within the software. Our approach to inventory security will ensure you always know who used the inventory, what was used, when it was used, where it was used, and whyit was used.

Automotive Aftermarket Background

LeanTec was formed because we understand the pressure that reduced margins on materials creates for both suppliers and shops alike. LeanTec is often asked, “How could someone with a distribution background create this solution?” And our response is, “ONLY a person with a distribution background could create this solution.” LeanTec would lack the benefits and value it has if it had not been created by a group that has “walked a mile in your shoes.”

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LeanTec Hardware


Every cabinet arrives with a customized planogram, ready to install, based on your collision centres specific needs.

Training & Support

LeanTec has invested in providing easy-to-understand training resources that are available to you 24/7. Our online Learning Center will give you access to many tools, including online classes, short how-to videos, visual written tutorials, and marketing materials. In addition, our support staff and customer representatives can provide answers to your questions as well as technical support. We provide the support you need–when you need it.


We are excited to announce our partnership with LeanTec Inventory Solutions, LLC offering you the best inventory solutions you can count on from coast to coast!

Call us today to find out how LeanTec is going to help to improve your profitability at your shop!

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