TED Group – A family business we want you to be a part of

October 9, 2018 by Canada Car Color

TED Group is a company that has been handed down through generations of family, forming the way we operate in the community today.

Ted Greenwood founded Rondex (TED Group) in 1972. Now, more than 45 years later, it’s run by his grandsons Bret (President) and Everett Chief Operations Officer.

Bret and Everett both started in this business very young. At nine-years-old they learned how to mix paint, which allowed them to spend more time with each other, their fathers and grandfather.

That factored into one the company’s key values — family. Because TED Group is family-run, it treats its employees and customers as such, with appreciation, honesty, kindness, and humility.

Those values are clear, not only among the people we work with, but in the communities we’re a part of.

Visit our location at 177 Isabel St., and you’ll find a collection tin for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. We’ve chosen to support this charity, because we know how important it is to foster connections, especially at a young age.

At TED Group, it comes down to making everyone on our team feel like they are part of the family. In turn, they exude this feeling, making our customers feel like family too.

Innovation and growth

TED Group forged a new way for auto body shop suppliers in many respects — we were the first to use computerized systems, and one of the leaders in sharing knowledge with others through trade shows and product information seminars.

That level of innovation remains a part of the company today.

We are always striving to explore new options, equipment, and seeking out the most innovative technology available in the industry.


We believe our family values and commitment to innovation have contributed, in part, to our success.

In 45 years we’ve grown from one location in Winnipeg to a national company, with stores in Edmonton and Calgary.

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