Canada Car Color is proud to partner with BASF, the world’s largest chemical company. Also, BASF is known as the expert in the science of colour. Together we offer the highest quality and most advanced paint technologies for collision repair, commercial fleet, and automotive specialty markets. 

Glasurit 100 Line

Glasurit 100 is the most advanced waterborne basecoat system on the market. Some of the features that Glasurit 100 offers are:

  • The most sustainable solution in the market: It is the first basecoat line with a VOC value of 250 g/l, a 40% reduction from conventional waterborne basecoats, and far lower than any global VOC requirements.
  • The fastest application process in the market: On average, it saves 35% of the time compared with the competition.
  • Advanced pigmentation and colour-matching

As a result, Glasurit 100 helps customers increase their profits, improve their environmental footprint, and drive overall performance.

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R-M Finishes

R-M is BASF’s innovative, easy-to-use solution for painters looking for high quality and efficiency. Having said that, Onyx HD is R-M’s waterborne system.

Onyx HD – A versatile system formulated for performance

R-M developed the Onyx HD family of Low VOC finishes. Onyx HD is unique by offering the flexibility of waterborne or solvent-borne systems, depending on the need. In addition, Onyx HD is extremely durable, fast-drying and has excellent colour matching.

With Onyx HD, you get:

  • First, a flexible system that allows a single set of toners for either water or solvent-based finishes
  • Second, an easy-to-apply, fast-drying system that meets VOC regulations
  • Third, a superior colour matching to factory and custom colours
  • Lastly, access to thousands of colour formulas through BASF Color Tools.

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BASF’S Economical Paint Solution

LIMCO provides economy products that get the job done right. Moreover, it offers characteristics of a more expensive system at an economical price.

Supreme PLUS is LIMCO’s paint system. This system offers cleaners, primers, sealers, basecoats, topcoats, clearcoats and additives. All products with the quality you expect at a price you can afford.

As a result, we are convinced that the more you learn about Limco you will love it as much as we do!

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