Canada Car Color Inc. established its first location in Edmonton with a branch that soon followed in Calgary, AB and most recently, a head office location in Winnipeg, MB. We are members of ACWL and have access to thousands of products priced competitively which we can then pass on to our customers.

We specialize in automotive paint and collision repair supplies.  We also have a wide selection of products for the industrial and fleet industries.  We are more than confident that we can address all aspects of the paint and body industry, we are your single source supplier.

We understand the importance of training for the industry.  Through PPG, we offer MVP Business Solutions training programs that give body shops the tools to be more efficient and help maximize their profit potential. With the next generation moving forward quickly, we thought it was more than necessary to partner with PPG to create the Canada Car Color/PPG Refinish Award. This award offers three bursaries a year to the second year refinish students who attend NAIT, to help keep interest in the industry strong.

The world is moving at a fast pace and we believe it is a shared responsibility to keep it enjoyable for years to come. We are committed to doing our part, therefore, we reuse boxes, recycle our paper, cardboard and plastic, properly dispose of solvents for recycling and have low emission delivery vehicles on our roads. We are excited and passionate about selling PPG’s second-generation waterborne base coat and proud to say that all of our products meet the Canadian Environmental Protection Acts VOC Concentration Limits.

We strive on providing you with more than just products. It is our mission to provide all customers quality products, outstanding service and great value. Exceptional service and support has earned Canada Car Color the elite status of Platinum Distributor for PPG. The platinum symbol is your assurance that we meet the highest standard in the industry. Moving into the future, we look forward to building relationships with new customers that are as long and prosperous as the ones we currently enjoy. Together, with PPG, we will provide your business with the highest products and tools to help you and your business prosper. After all, when you win, we win.

Our Vision

We work hard every day as a Team to make The TED Group the largest and most respected family owned and operated PBE Jobber Business in North America.

Our Mission

Undisputed Marketplace Leadership

We are the first choice for collision repair facilities by providing the best service, solutions, and products to exceed their expectations. We continually grow and develop to outperform our competition.

Our Values

Customer service

We go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy, delight, and wow our customers – we aim to exceed their expectations, and make them advocates for our business. We are constantly improving our value to customers by providing extraordinary service, solutions, and high quality products.

Energized work environments and teams

Our success is a result of our commitment to a work environment that motivates employees to grow and succeed – individually and as a team. We recognize and reward our employees’ efforts, skills, and results.

Getting better together

We improve and grow together by unleashing our collective creativity and intelligence.


We are a family. We respect and appreciate each other, encourage each other to grow, and treat each other with appreciation, honesty, kindness, and humility.

Work/life balance

We strive to strike a balance between personal and professional life; promoting the health and well-being of all of our employees. We are focused on building a positive family culture in which employees come to work energized right across our organization.

Best people

Attract, develop, and retain the best talent for our business and encourage that talent to grow personally and professionally to achieve engagement, happiness, and success. We create a supportive work environment by consistently demonstrating a can-do, positive attitude.

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